Understanding Forex Strategies

  There are numerous strategies that are implemented by Forex traders. Some of the strategies were adopted from either equities or futures markets trading. There are some strategies that are unique to Forex itself. It is interesting that with many of these strategies seem to always have a counter argument for an opposite strategy. It […]

FX Market Recap July 28 2014

FX Market Recap For July 28th 2014 EUR/CAD stalling at 21-DMA, daily Doji reveals indecision CAD/JPY supported by daily cloud, 200-DMA stalling prices AUD/CAD rejected by cloud top two consecutive days GBP/CAD support c 1.8200, broken above 21-DMA & cloud top USD/CAD resistance 1.0826/43, cloud base, 200-DMA & Bolli DXY has broken out   IMF […]

Understanding Automated Trading in Forex

  In recent years automated trading has grown dramatically in popularity. In the past automated trading was reserved for Professional Traders and or High Frequency Trading groups. Many of these groups were hedge funds or institutions that were trading either equities markets or futures markets. Forex is a natural fit for automated trading for a […]

FX Market Brief For July 28 2014

FX Market Brief For July 28, 2014   USD/CAD Tight range in early Asia, after a surprise 0.67% rise on Friday IMM data showed a 5K increase in shorts to 20.6K – so a squeeze was viable Citi FX Wire saw mostly leveraged buying – supports a position led bounce 5, 10 & 20 dma’s […]

How VPS Virtual Private Server can be the equalizer in Forex.

  In Forex trading we say seconds count we actually should say milliseconds count. The time it takes for a trade to reach the Forex traders trading platform to the Forex brokers server can make all the difference. Trade execution and the speed of trade execution are considered to be one of the most important […]

FX Market Review For July 24 2014

  Here is the FX Market Review For July 24 2014 Sterling nearly fell below $1.70 today as lackluster news on the U.K. consumer added to other recent signs that Europe’s No. 3 economy might be running on a bit less pep. The pound slumped to four-week lows after data showed consumers barely opened their […]

Why The Forex Market Is Open 24 hours

  Trading at over $5 trillion per day Forex market is by far and away the largest financial market on the planet. Unlike other financial markets like the various stock and futures markets Forex does not have a close.  The Forex Market opens on Sunday at 5 PM Eastern time for most brokers. Most brokers also close on […]

FX Market Brief July 23 2014

FX Market Brief for July 23 2014   EUR/USD confirmed double top and has given a break below wedge lower limit. With weekly RSI violating graphical floor, the pair is poised to face deeper correction towards 1.3210. 1.34/1.3350 will be an intermediate support. Pullback should be capped at 1.3725. For the day, 1.3515 will cap the upside. USD/CHF took support at our projected level of 0.8707/0.8680, where […]

FX Market News July 23 2014

FX Market News for July 23, 2014 The underlying details in today’s US inflation report are a clear indication that, save for an uptick in gasoline prices, inflation took an important breather in June. After several months of heating up, the CPI is now headed in a decidedly southerly direction, which should quiet some pundits […]